"Finally, A Consultant Company Committed to Total Quality"!

We strive to be the best at what we do and we commit ourselves to total quality as a way of life!

What is "Total Quality"?
Total quality means we consistently satisfy current and emerging customer needs by providing solutions that are free of: avoidable surprises, deviations, distortion, hassle, rework and confusion.

The Plumb Line!
ANAK1(an-awk) is a Hebrew term probably from an unused root.
The Plumb Line is a tool with a lead weight hung at the end of a line, used to determine whether a wall (etc.) is perfectly vertical. It is a fitting symbol for ANAK Consultants because it reflects our total commitment to high moral character, integrity and quality in all that we do.

Our Facilitation Process!
Facilitation is an interactive process that is implemented through ANAK Consultant's "Integrity Screen". Our methodology combines the best of:
* Analytical Problem Solving
* Process Conflict Resolution
* Dispute Mediation
* Managerial Analytics
* Team Building
* Interactive Group Process
* Structured Role Play

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